The School with a Heart


Think outside the bars! Dogs don't learn anything behind bars. We keep them learning fast in a home environment.

The most unique aspect about the Animal Behavior Academy is that we are the only school in the country that offers on-site housing, in a kennel-free, painless animal training environment. We keep our student dogs in a home environment where they feel loved and relaxed enough to learn without stress. The only place you’ll find a choke chain or shock collar is in our history class! We use only all natural products to care for our animals.

Our award winning, Master Trainers are skilled teaching animals and humans. They offer you an exciting path to a great career!

With backgrounds from various fields including Pet Store Owners, Mule Trainers, Lion Tamers, College Professors, Veterinarians, and PhDs - you can be assured that you will receive the highest level of education from outstanding instructors ready to help you with lots of individual attention.


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Terena Thomas, CPDT
Head Trainer

Animal Behavior Academy
14503 Colorado River Road
Gypsum, CO 81637



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