Financial Freedom and Respect


We want you to be successful! Our small class size and low ratio of students to teachers will insure that you will learn the skills you need to succeed. Our career program will post available positions and show you how to build your own animal training business from the ground up! Our customer relations and business building courses offer you direct paths to your goals. Financial rewards are fun to earn after graduating from our outstanding program in animal training!


With our positive, pain-free training techniques you can teach animals to do almost anything! Imagine having your client’s dog bring a cold drink from the fridge, find lost car keys, shoot baskets, retrieve a duck from the pond, bring in the sheep, pull a cart, turn on the lights, put dirty socks in the basket, save a drowning person or find a lost child!

Other schools will only teach you how to get dogs to obey; we expect much more from all of our animal companions! You can use these techniques on birds, cats, dogs, horses, even fish! When people call for your advice on pet problems, as a graduate of the Animal Behavior Academy, you will be able to give them solutions that work without pain or cruelty. We believe in respect for animals and people!

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Terena Thomas, CPDT
Head Trainer

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